Calendar of Events - 2021 /2022

Shows which are shown in bold type - are shows which are affiliated with the Clydesdale Horse Society and for whom affiliation papers for 2021 have been received.  The Society agreed that any affiliations registered and paid for in 2020 may be carried forward to 2021 and/ or 2022 (if a 2021 show could not take place) - as a result of cancellation due to Covid 19.  These shows promote Clydesdale Horse Classes on their schedule. 

Dates given below for Affiliated Shows have been provided by the Shows in question.

July 2021
13th - 16th
July 2021                   Great Yorkshire Show
31st July 2021            East Kilbride Show
                                 (exhibitor only and no spectators)

August 2021
11th August 2021         Bute Show
14th August 2021         Kinross Show
13th & 14th August
2022                           Royal Manx Agriculture Show
14th August 2021         Manifold Valley Show
21st August 2021         Lourin Fair
21st August 2021         National Danish Show
22nd August 2021        Herts & Essex Country Fair (Heavy Horse Section)
26th - 29th
August 2021                Blair Horse Trials
28th August 2021         Wensleydale Show

September 2021
4th September 2021     Alrewas Show
4th September 2021     Garvagh Show
5th September 2021     Wolsingham Show
12th September 2021   Stanhope Show
22nd - 25th 
September 2021           Balmoral Show
25th September 2021   Southwell & District Ploughing Match and Show

October 2021
2nd October 2021        Inchture (Teen Ranch) Show
16th October 2021       North West & Wales Shire Foal Society
23rd October 2021       Kilmarnock Foal Show
                                   2021 Kilmarnock Foal Show Schedule
30th October 2021       Perth Foal Show
                                   Perth Foal Show Entry 2021
                                   Perth Foal Show Schedule 2021

30th October 2021       Lanark Foal Show (2021 Show cancelled)

November 2021
6th November 2021      North of Fife Foal Show
14th November 2021    Forfar Foal Show
20th November 2021    Clydesdale Horse Society Winter Fair
                                   Winter Fair 2021 Schedule
Winter Fair 2021 Entry Form
27th November 2021    Ormiston Clydesdale Foal and Youngstock Show                                       (Champfleurie)
                                   Clydesdale Schedule Ormiston Foal Show 2021
                                  Light Horse Show Schedule Ormiston Show

December 2021
11th December 2021   CLHBS Foal Show (Prov)
11th December 2021   Grampian Foal Show

January 2022
8th January 2022         Kilpatrick Foal Show

ebruary 2022 

March 2022

2nd March 2022           RNAS Spring Show
5th March 2022           National Stallion Show
                                  Morris Equestrian Centre
12th &13th 
March 2022                  National Shire Show     
20th March 2022          Clydesdale Horse Society - Annual General Meeting

April 2022
16th April 2022            Kilmaurs Show

May 2022
11th - 14th May 2022    Balmoral Show
14th May 2022              Ayr County Show
14th May 2022             Kilmacolm Show
21st May 2022              Dalry Show
21st May 2022              Fife Show (200th Anniversary)
28th May 2022             Drymen Show
28th May 2022             Lesmahagow Show
31st May - 1st
June 2022                    Suffolk Show

June 2022

3rd & 4th June 2022     Ballymoney Show
4th June 2022              Central and West Fife Show
5th June 2022              Rutland Show
11th June 2022            Castlerock Show
18th June 2022            Kilbarchan Show

23rd - 26th June 2022   Royal Highland Show
29th & 30th June 2022  Royal Norfolk Show

July 2022
2nd July 2022               Doune and Dunblane Show
2nd July 2022               Fettercairn Show
9th July 2022                Echt Show
12th - 14th July 2022    Great Yorkshire Show
16th July 2022              Alrewas Show
16th July 2022              Castlewellan Agricultural Show
16th & 17th July 2022   New Deer Show
23rd July 2022              Ardoch (Braco) Show
23rd July 2022              Biggar Show
29th - 30th July 2022    Border Union Show
30th July 2022              Banchory Show
30th July 2022              East Kilbride Open Cattle Show
31st July 2022              Moniaive Horse Show
30th and 31st
July 2022                     Isle of Man Southern District
31st July - 1st 
August 2022                 Turriff Show (Clydesdales on 1st August)

August 2022
3rd August 2022           Wigtown Show
4th August 2022           Black Isle Show
4th August 2022           Stewartry Show
5th & 6th
August 2022                 Perth Show
6th August 2022           Dumfries Show
10th August 2022         Bute Show
11th & 12th August
2022                           Royal Manx Agricultural Show
13th August 2022         Aberfeldy Show
13th August 2022         Dalston Show
13th August 2022         Kinross Show
13th August 2022         Manifold Valley Show
14th August 2022         Tullamore Show
20th August 2022         Lourin Fair
21st August 2022         Herts & Essex Country Fair (Heavy Horse Section)
27th August 2022         Wensleydale Show (prov)

September 2022
3rd & 4th September
2022                           Wolsingham Show
11th September 2022  Stanhope Show
17th September 2022  Stokesley Show
24th September 2022 -Southwell & District Ploughing match and Show

October 2022
1st or 8th
October 2022             Inchture (T een Ranch) Show

15th October 2022     Kilmarnock Foal Show
20th - 23rd
October 2022             World Clydesdale Show 2022
29th October 2022     Lanark Foal Show

November 2022
5th November 2022     North of Fife Foal Show
12th November 2022   Perth Foal Show
19th November 2022   Clydesdale Horse Society Winter Fair
26th November 2022   Ormiston Foal Show
27th November 2022   Forfar Foal Show

December 2022
10th December 2022   County Londonderry HBS Foal Show
December 2022           Grampian Foal Show (date tbc)