Registration of Foals and Stallions

The Clydesdale Horse Society is registered as a Passport Issuing Organisation to issue passports for Equines.

Registering Foals

Any breeder registering a foal must have an appropriate Stud Prefix approved by the Council of The Clydesdale Horse Society in place. Details about how you register a prefix can be found in the the previous section of this part of our website.

Once a prefix in in place a foal can be registered by completion of a standard foal application form - as follows.  The latest version of this form is dated 2018.

Passport Application Form 2018

All foal registration forms must be completed as instructed and sent to the Secretary for processing.

Registering Process

If your foal is a colt he will not require to be DNA tested.  All cots being registered as a stallion must be DNA tested before stallion registration can be granted.  A colt cannot be registered as a stallion until he is at least 2 years old.  A separate stallion registration form and DNA testing kit can be obtained from the Secretary.

All filly foals must be DNA tested and instructions about how to take a sample of hair for DNA testing will be supplied with the foal application form.  You must only use DNA tests kits as supplied by the Clydesdale Horse Society and the nature of these test kits means that they must be posted out to the breeder.  All DNA tests must be returned to the Society Secretary who will forward on to Weatherbys, our recommended DNA test company.  

The last date for foal registrations in any year is 30th September and for stallion registrations is 30th November each year.  Any applications after that date will be deemed to be late.

The costs of registration for members of the Clydesdale Horse Society are:-

Colts - £50

Fillies - £105 (including cost of DNA test)

Stallions £110 (including cost of DNA test)

The costs for non members of the Clydesdale Horse Society or for applications which are received after the above deadline dates are at double the above rates.

The cost of securing a replacement passport when a passport is lost is £50 for members and £100 for non member.

If you have any question on nay aspect of the registration process please email Ian Roy (Secretary) on [email protected]