Prefix Registration

All breeders and owners must register a Prefix with the Society. Once registered the Prefix is exclusive to that person and it may not be utilised by anyone else unless specific consent, in writing, has been notified to the Society by the breeder/owner possessing that Prefix - and that this use has been approved in writing by the Council of the Society.

The cost of obtaining a new prefix is £40.

Any transfer of ownership of a Prefix must also be notified to the Society, in writing, by both parties where possible, otherwise consent should be notified by the executor(s) of an estate from where the Prefix is being transferred.

Registration for entry in the Stud Book will not be accepted unless the Stud Prefix has been, or is in the process of being registered. 

Registered Prefixes and owners of same will be published annually in the Stud Book. 

In the case of a dispute, the Council of the Society will address the matter. Their decision will be final. 

Stud Prefix Registration Form