Premium Stallions

Stallion Premiums are awarded each year to horses forward at The National Stallion Show and The Northern Ireland Premium Parade.

The following Stallions were awarded premiums in 2018 with their owners names shown in brackets

Bandirran Elvis (The Tait Family)
Doura Aird Ambition (MIss C Young)
Doura Master Eddie (Miss C Young)
Glenside Hallmark (J Adamson)
Whinhill Majestic (J & M McIntyre)
Carnaff Churchill Sir James ( D & M McKay)
Eskechraggan Ernest (T McMillan)

The following stallions were awarded premiums in 2017 :

  • Collessie Proclaimer (R & R Redford)
  • Doura Geronimo (Miss C Young)
  • Dillars Jura (R Hamiltion)
  • Doura Aird Ambition (Miss C Young)
  • Glenside Barlauchlan Final Command (J D Adamson)
  • Tillside Topsman (Miss A Cockburn)
  • Doura Woodhouse Real Deal (D Walker and Ms B Brown)
  • Doura Master Eddie (Miss C Young)
  • Carnaff Fascinator (D & M McKay)
  • Glebeview Sir Charles (V Scott)

The following stallions were awarded premiums in 2016 :

  • Glenside Barlauchlan Final Command (J D Adamson)
  • Eskechraggan Ernest (T McMillan)
  • Doura Master Eddie (Miss C Young)
  • Doura Woodhouse Real Deal (D Walker and Ms B Brown)
  • Carnaff Ambassador (D & M McKay)
  • Carnaff Chancellor (V Scott)
  • Glebeview Sir Charles (D & M McKay)