Executive and Council

Executive Committee (also on Council)

Jim Greenhill

Vice President
Sandy Aitken

Hon Treasurer

Captain James Anderson

Immediate Past President
Alasdair Fletcher

Hon Presidents
Neil Christie
Malcolm McFadyen
George Skinner


Area 1 - North of Scotland - (Orkney, Shetland, Caithness, Sutherland, Ross and Cromarty, Inverness, Nairn, Banff and Moray)

              Stephen Nicoll, Ian Young, Diane Tulloch

Area 2 - Aberdeen - (Aberdeen and Kincardine)
              Shonah Campbell, Norman Christie, Patrick McDonald                    

Area 3 - Perth - (Perth and Angus)
             Ron Brewster, Irvine Anderson, Tom Clark

Area 4 - Edinburgh - (The Lothian's, Peebles, Selkirk, Berwick and

              Heather Fraser, Annette Noble, Ailsa Noble

Area 5 - Glasgow and Argyll - (Glasgow, Paisley, Renfrew, Bute, Dumbarton 
              and Argyll)

              Mairi Ralston, Alan Campbell, Laura Smith

Area 6 - Dumfries - (Dumfries, Castle Douglas and Kirkcudbright)
              Jackie Marshall, Neil Hiddleston, Christine Halliday

Area 7 - Wigtownshire
             Andrew Love, Ian Douglas, Elaine Ramsay

Area 8 - Ayrshire
              William Craig, Charlotte Young, John Craig

Area 9 - Stirlingshire and Fife - (Stirling, Fife, Clackmannan and Kinross)
              Robert Sibbald, Emma Lightbowne, Jim Paterson

Area 10 - Lanarkshire
               Bryan Lindsay, Robert Hamilton, William Dunbar

Area 11 - North West England - (Cumbria, Cumberland, Westmorland, 
                Lancaster and the Isle of Man)

                Michael Martin, Gemma Houghton, Robbie Manchester

Area 12 - North East England - (Northumberland, Durham and York)
                Paul Bedford, Matthew Bedford, Katie Willey

Area 13 - South of England - (the whole of England and Wales (not included in areas 11 and 12) and the Channel Islands)
                 Andrew Whetton, Terry Edge, Stephen Leverett

Area 14
- Northern Ireland

                John Cross, Craig Hanna, Patrick McKay

Area 15 - Republic of Ireland
               Stephen Doran, Edward Cheasty, Robert Bailey