Shoeing Guidelines

Standard for show shoes on Clydesdale Horses. 

The Well Balanced Foot

The correctly trimmed foot should allow frog pressure. This facilitates the absorption and distribution of concussion, thus minimising fatigue and wear to bones, joints and ligaments. The feet should be trimmed to suit the configuration of the leg and excessive flairs removed. Hind feet should be well balanced and trimmed to a natural shape without excessive flairs or distortions.


Front shoes should be fitted to give maximum support at the heels and the bevel should follow the contour of the well balanced foot.
The hind shoe should be fitted to the trimmed foot with an outside heel of no more than the thickness of the material. Inside of shoe to support the last bearing point of the foot. The bevel on the outside of the shoe should follow the contour of the outer edge of the wall. 


Clips should be broad and should not terminate in a sharp point. They should relate to the width of the shoe and be fitted to conform to the configuration of the limb.