Shop - Embroidered Clothing

The Clydesdale Horse Society is pleased to offer members and friends the availability of a new exclusive range of high quality clothing embroidered with our new logo.

We have teamed up with Embroidery Designs, a company specialising in this field, to make available to you the clothing items pictured on this page at the prices quoted which include packaging, delivery to your door and appropriate postage.

How it all works.

1. You select your purchases and complete the attached Order Form. This form contains full details of a description of the items, the range of sizes available and the colours which can be supplied.

Embroidered Clothing Order August 2022

2. You send or email (scan) this form and your payment to Ian Roy, Secretary, Clydesdale Horse Society at the address on the order form. Payment can be made in cash, by cheque or by bank transfer to the Clydesdale Horse Society Bank Account (detail available from the Secretary).

3.  The Secretary will send your order to Embroidery Designs and they will process and send directly to your door.  No orders will be sent for processing until full payment has been received.

4. Remember with all orders to complete details of the colour and size you need and complete your full contact details at the end.